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Kindergarten Enrollment 

Kindergarten students must be five (5) years of age before August 15 of the current year. The following items are required for kindergarten and out-of-state transfer students prior to enrolling:

  • TN Department of Health Certificate of Immunizations
  • Doctor’s signature and date of completed physical exam after January 1 of year child will enroll
  • Copy of child’s certified birth certificate
  • Verified social security number
  • Proof of residency

In-state transfers will complete a record request to send to the previous school. We are allowed 30 days to receive records from previous school attended.

Kindergartners are very curious about how things work and teachers often use this enthusiasm by setting up projects on topics that interest them. The kindergarten year is one in which kids learn more about the formal classroom setting – learning to focus for segments of time on basic literacy and math, and learning simple science and social studies. This is the foundation year for getting used to the routine of school, the process of focusing and learning, and the social skills involved in making new friends. It’s a crucial year for building the foundation of learning. 

Kindergarten students learn how to identify letters in the alphabet and their sounds, and about letters and sounds that go together to form words. Kindergarten children are expected to read words by the end of the school year. 

By the end of kindergarten, students should know the components of a calendar and how to build on them – days, weeks, months, and some basic time. They will should also be able to recognize numbers up to 100 and count to 100, and basic single-digit addition and subtraction.

Students are also exposed to a variety of science and social studies topics.

kindergarten readiness